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ZEN: InventXR’s Global Education Network in partnership with the UN

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Not many businesses understand the adage that “good news travels fast and bad news travels faster.” In today’s digital and mobile era, any experience – good or bad – can travel globally in seconds. For retail brands, the market is a high-stakes game of exceeding stakeholders’ expectations...

Not many businesses understand the adage that “good news travels fast and bad news travels faster.” In today’s digital and mobile era, any experience – good or bad – can travel globally in seconds.  For education enterprises such as InventXR, the market is a high-stakes game of exceeding stakeholders’ expectations in light of all the scandals that have centered around elite Universities.

Education sector initiatives that impress their stakeholders boost retention rates and drive their revenue higher. In fact, raising stakeholder retention two percent can produce revenue equal to a ten percent cut in costs. InventXR has built programs and services that maximize productivity from an individual level to a country level and the Global Education Network (ZEN) is one such accomplishment.

The Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and the InventXR corporation  understand the need to continually upgrade IT infrastructure and education solutions in order to support Zimbabwe’s education and digitization operations remain competitive in the 4th industrial revolution. The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima spent five days in Silicon Valley engaging with leading education technology companies such as InventXR LLC and InventXR Education Foundation. We are proud that Zimbabwe and the InventXR corporation reached a major milestone towards digital transformation of all primary and secondary schools in Zimbabwe impacting 6.4 million children.

By carefully analyzing the existing stakeholders (Zimbabwe public schools), processes, and tools, and by understanding the benefits of InventXR’s education technology solutions, leaders in both organizations developed a balanced path to success that will ensure a smooth transition and successful adoption of InventXR’s innovative learning management system in Zimbabwe schools as well as the development the New Zimbabwe Education Network. InventXR will offer it’s education technology services with our local partners Dandemutande and InventXR Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd who will act as a distribution center for InventXR’s service and training programs in schools.

The implementation of InventXR’s technologies today represents a paradigm shift (i.e. client server, distributed computing, network appliances, internet, service oriented architecture, cloud computing, and many to be discovered as we roll out nationally) which can be even more complex or controversial due the many stakeholders that need to be fully engaged at local, national and global levels. The ministry and InventXR have already embraced advancement in education technology and have the most qualified team to date to ensure each Zimbabwean school is successful with proper training.

Why Zimbabwe and the United Nations chose InventXR as a Digital Transformation Partner?

InventXR’s high-touch approach looks beyond single touch points and that is necessary in today’s connected world. InventXR’s proprietary education solution focuses on the end-to-end experience of all stakeholders for countrywide and district-wide solutions. That means taking a holistic view of the stakeholder journey in today’s technologically enabled education systems. Why InventXR? Because InventXR understands the education marketplace than most and the company has a diverse team of world renowned educators, engineers, technologists, superintendents among others.

So, how does InventXR create a world class stakeholder experience in education? The InventXR corporation embraces these key elements:

  • Deploys a flexible and scalable workforce. This ensures that stakeholders have a good experience no matter when they interact with InventXR. This is critical in the education industry with its huge increase in traffic during the academic year and school hours. Top programs raise their staffing by two to three times during this period and summers, holidays and special events usually have limited staffing needs in schools.
  • Create a first-call resolution rate of 90%  or higher. Imagine a stakeholder has a technical issue with their iStudyXR learning and communication platform. They call InventXR Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd which is colocated with all the schools that the Zimbabwe Education Network (ZEN) serves.  Since this enterprise is totally competent and involved in implementing the solution, our automated ticketing system triggers in the company headquarters and the issue is resolved without the client being frustrated with back and forth calls.
  • Implement behavior-based training: InventXR’s expert workforce has over 90 percent first-call resolution rate and this is taking into account time differences should Silicon Valley need to troubleshoot something. However, the InventXR corporation knows that  managing to a metric won’t get stakeholders beyond the 100% goal. Breaking through requires teaching each of it’s agent the skills that “wow” stakeholders. More important is how InventXR is instilling an outspoken boldness in its team of ten. They all feel rewarded for reporting broken tools, processes and policies. InventXR is known for inventing new solutions to opportunities and fixing what’s broken driving the corporation beyond 90 percent.

InventXR has ensured stakeholders only have good things to say

InventXR’s stakeholders talk about the brand whether they see it or not. In fact, 87 percent of them will voluntarily share positive interactions—and 95 percent will share their bad ones. In short, InventXR’s high-touch stakeholder service retains and attracts new stakeholders through word of mouth and that is how the United Nations chose InventXR from hundreds of possible partners towards the connectivity and government capacitation through the Green Jobs Rural Youth Project of the United Nations.

Making the investment in high-touch stakeholder experience is a must for large scale education projects such as the Zimbabwe Education Network. It’s vital than ever in today’s connected, digital world and the InventXR corporation is the choice for complex education technology solutions. The multi-stakeholder approach including a responsive Ministry of Education ensures that by 2024, the country has connected 4.2 million kids to the Zimbabwe Education Network. Zimbabwe will meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 for Education by 2030.

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